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Air Canada Name Change Policy

Name change policy is created to modify incorrect or misspelled names on Air Canada Ticket. As per this rule, consumers may request a name change up to 24 hours before departure. Generally, only one name change may be permitted per reservation, and exceptions may be available for some cases. Furthermore, Air Canada reserves the right to reject any name change requests that do not comply with its booking and ticketing policies.

Air Canada Name Change

Change Your Name On An Air Canada Ticket

Yes, Air Canada allows passengers to change the name on their reservation within 24 hours of booking. Please note that name corrections may only be made before the flight has departed. To make a name correction to an existing reservation within the 24-hour window, please contact the Customer Care Service.

Simple Name Correction Tricks 

Here are some simple tips that can help you for Air Canada Name Correction on flight ticket without any confusion: 

  1. Verify the correct spelling of the name. Double-check that the name’s spelling matches the identity documents’ spelling.  
  1. Check the name as it appears on all tickets and documents. Contact the customer care to request a name correction if the name does not match.  
  1. If the name is misspelled on the ticket and documents, ask the airline to correct the spelling.  
  1. Ask the airline if they can make exceptions for particular circumstances.  
  1. Provide valid photographic proof of identification in case of any name change.  
  1. If a name correction involves a minor traveling with an adult, provide a birth certificate to confirm the relationship.  
  1. To avoid confusion, Keep all documents, such as the old ticket, passport, and new ticket.

Follow The Official Steps To Change The Name On The Ticket

To make the Air Canada Name Change process easier for you, here you can check all the official steps to change or correct your name on a flight ticket without any hassle: Follow these simple steps to change name without going anywhere: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Enter your Aeroplan number and password to your account.   
  • Go to the “Flight Confirmation” page via the “My Bookings” drop-down menu.  
  • Find the flight you wish to change the name for.  
  • Click the “Change passenger name” link.  
  • Enter the new passenger name information. 
  • Make sure to double-check the spelling. 
  • Choose a payment option and enter the payment details. 
  • Review the updated reservation information and pay the fees.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Get new flight reservation details on your registered mail id.
  • Enjoy a flight journey without any worry. 

Air Canada Name Change Offline Procedure

  • Go to the “Contact Us” page on the official Air Canada website. 
  • Place a call and make sure to keep every information and proof ready.
  • Share your full name, address, booking reference number, eTicket number, and flight name. 
  • The airline representative will process the name change on the passenger’s behalf.
  • Once the process is completed, the representative will confirm the changes. 
  • Pay name charges if you’re asked to. 
  • Once the process is accomplished, you’ll get a new confirmation mail. 

Air Canada Name Change Airport Procedure

  • Call the airport and ask about the “Air Canada name change policy.” 
  • Visit the airport’s website for any specific paperwork that needs to be done.
  • Collect the Valid documents needed for the name change.
  • Visit the airport with all the necessary documents. 
  • Ask for a new boarding pass with the updated name from the representative. 
  • Sign and show proof of identity with the new name.
  • Confirm with the ticketing representative for the name change
  • Fly with your new name on the flight ticket and enjoy your trip.

Steps To Change Name On The Ticket With Local Travel Experts

Before booking a flight ticket with Air Canada, you must understand their guidelines and policies regarding changes to your ticket, including name change policies. Here are a few things you can follow for changing names on flight tickets with local travel experts.

  • Gather your valid legal documents for the name change. 
  • It includes a marriage certificate, court order document, or a birth certificate for changing your name.
  • Contact the travel experts to change the name on the ticket with the airline.
  • Once you have connected with the travel expert, provide all the details necessary to change a name. 
  • Share the details of the new name and the documents for proof of the name change.  
  • Take the assistance of the travel experts to process the necessary changes to your ticket.
  • Pay the fee for the name change requests.
  • Review the changes and confirm it. 
  • Receive the confirmation email with a new ticket with a new name. 

Consequences of Not Changing The Name on the Ticket

Suppose the name on the ticket is not changed. In that case, it may result in a customer being denied boarding if they do not present valid government-issued photo identification that matches the name on the ticket. 

In addition, customers need to pay a name change fee to make the necessary changes. Ultimately, the results of not changing the name on an Air Canada flight ticket may limit the customer’s ability to travel on the selected flight.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Can Help Me Change The Name On The Ticket?

Just contact the customer care representatives to change the name on an Air Canada ticket. You can contact them on the phone, via their website, or through a travel agent.

Is A Name Change Necessary To Fly With Air Canada Airlines?

Yes, name change is not necessary to fly with airlines. All you need is your valid form of identification, such as a passport, legal documents, or driver's license, for the name change process.

What Papers Do I Need To Change The Name On The Ticket?

You must provide a copy of your legal name change documents, such as a marriage license, divorce documents, passport, driver's license, or court order.

Does Air Canada Allow A Name Change On The Ticket After Booking?

Yes, making a name change on an airline ticket in Canada is possible. However, this may charge cancellation fees. Please contact your airline to enquire about more details.