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Delta Airlines Name Change On Ticket

Sometimes minor errors create a big issue but no need to worry. Delta Airlines is one of the best airlines in the USA. Passengers may need to modify their names on airline reservations from time to time. Sometimes it happens because of a legal name change due to marriage, spelling errors or any other specific reason. This guide will help you to learn how to change the name on delta airlines tickets from different methods.

Three Methods to Correct your Name on Delta Airlines ticket

There are three methods to resolve this issue we can discuss each one by one so read it very carefully.

Delta Airlines name change

Delta Airlines Name Correction through Online Method

The simplest procedure to change your name on Delta Airlines tickets is the online method because you can access the airline’s official website very easily.

  • Open your computer or laptop.
  • Now type the official web address of the airline.
  • You will be requested to enter your booking information on the “My Trips” page.
  • Fill in the blanks with the necessary information, including your 6-digit booking reference number.
  • Do remember you can only change up to three characters it can be your first or last name. 
  • To find your reservation, click the “Find My Trip” or “Continue” option.
  • Now select the name change option.
  • Find the reservation for which you need to change the name and select it by clicking on the relevant option. 
  • Tap on the save option.
  • Pay your correction fee and continue.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.

Name Correction through the Offline Method

If you are not tech savvy person so this method is for you follow these simple steps which are listed below:

  • You can simply make a call to CSR (Customer service representative).
  • Discuss your issue with a representative they will ask you about your ticket number.
  • Give your ticket number, valid ID, or documents to an agent via email.
  • And pay the name change fees which are asked by the agent or representative.
  • Now wait for the confirmation email and after that, you will receive the reissued ticket.

So, if you follow these simple steps, you can easily make name changes on your flight ticket.

How to Change your Name with the help of SkyMiles

This method is only for those people who have an account on SkyMiles. You can log in to your account and search for the name change option then complete your verification form and provide your ID and submit. In some cases, if a person has a minor mistake in their name, then they don’t need to submit any documents.

Reason for Delta Airlines Name Correction

There are a lot of reasons for name correction we can discuss about it one by one.

Name Correction because of Marriage

This is the most common reason why people change their names on flight tickets. If you’re changing your name due to marriage then you need to provide your marriage certificate or any other legal documents which is asked by delta airlines.

Name Correction because of Misspelled

Misspelling is the normal reason for a name change on delta airlines tickets because sometimes we don’t care what we write but always double-check your name and all the required details.

Correction Due to Divorce

Divorce is another reason for the name correction error on the ticket. If you want to resolve this issue you can simply follow the steps which is mentioned above.

Delta name correction is the most normal issue which is resolved by the different methods which are mentioned above but if still you don’t know how to correct your name on a Delta flight ticket then you can call us at +1-855-738-3429.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I change my name on the Delta ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on Delta tickets with the help of different methods.

Where is the name change option in the delta airlines login portal?

Click on the find my trip option in the login panel and search for the name correction tab.

How to change the middle name on delta airlines tickets?

Find the manage booking tab and change your middle name on the Delta airline ticket.