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Know About Hawaiian Airlines Name Change On Ticket

Hawaiian Airlines is a major airline based in Hawaii, USA. The Airline offers flights to several domestic and international locations. If you are booking a ticket with Hawaiian Airlines, then the name on the ticket should be correct. Names that don’t match or are incorrect can cause problems. The Hawaiian Airlines name change policy helps you make specific changes to your tickets without any hassle.

The main objective of the airline’s name change policy is to guide customers through name corrections and other details. Under the change name policy, you can make changes if you are married, divorced, or have other issues. You must know about the methods to change the name, if you are a frequent flier.

Tips for Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction

Here are some basic ideas or methods of changing the name on a Hawaiian Airlines ticket, however before you begin, please set up a computer or laptop for the first method.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

Hawaiian Airlines Online Method For Name Correction

When you want to change the name on an airline ticket, you can directly log in to the airline’s official website. 

  1. Click on the “Manage Flights” option from the menu. 
  2. Then, you can select “My Trips” from the list of options. 
  3. Furthermore, Enter the “Passenger Last Name,” and e-ticket number, and hit Enter.
  4. You can get your reservation back using the “View My Trip” option. 
  5. The reservation you want to modify should now be selected. Then, select “Hawaiian Airlines Change Passenger Name” to make the necessary changes. 
  6. To complete the flight name change procedure, follow the instructions on the screen. 
  7. If there are any name change fees, pay them. 
  8. Take the updated boarding pass that contains the proper information. 

Note: Forgot your confirmation number or ticket number? Call: +1-855-738-3429

Airlines Offline Mode For Name Correction

You can contact the customer care executive if you have minor changes, like spelling errors or middle name changes. The change is limited to three characters only. Once the agent is connected with you, provide identity proof to complete the changes. If it is mandatory to submit the legal documents, you can send them through any means they mention. 

Conditions Allowing Name Correction on the Airlines

The specific conditions allowing name corrections on Airlines may vary, but here are some standard procedures where they typically allow name corrections:

  • Minor Spelling Mistakes: The Airline might permit name corrections for minor spelling mistakes in traveler names, like a typographical slip-up or a translated letter.
  • Legal Name Changes: The Airline might allow a name rectification to reflect the new legal name if a traveler’s name has lawfully changed since the ticket was given. Documentation, such as a marriage declaration or court request, will regularly be expected to help meet the demand for a name change.
  • Marriage or Separation: On account of marriage or separation, the Airline might permit a name revision to refresh the pass to reflect the new name. Supporting documentation, for example, a marriage proof or separation order, will probably be required.
  • Incorrectly spelled Names: Hawaiian Airlines might permit a name change to fix the error if a traveler’s name was incorrectly spelled during the ticket booking. Supporting documentation, for example, an actual recognizable proof record with the correct spelling, is vital.
  • Acquired Tickets: If a ticket is acquired from another person under specific conditions, Hawaiian Airlines might allow a name rectification to move the pass to another traveler. Airlines might require supporting documentation, for example, a death proof and verification of legacy.

It’s important to note that Airlines’ specific policies and requirements for name corrections may change over time. It’s always recommended to refer to their official website or contact Hawaiian Airlines’ customer support at (toll-free) for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding name corrections on Airlines tickets.

Fees for Hawaiian Airlines' Name Change

The costs for name changes on Airlines may depend on the particular conditions and ticket type. However, here are a few general regulations concerning name change fees:

  • Administrative Fee: Airlines typically charge an executive fee for processing name changes. The fee amount can vary, so checking the airline’s current policy or contacting customer support for the most accurate information is essential.
  • Fare Difference: In addition to the administrative fee, if there is a difference in fare between the original ticket and the new ticket after the name change, Airlines may require the passenger to pay the fare difference. This applies particularly when changing to a different fare class or when the original fare is no longer available.

It’s essential to note that the specific costs can vary based on aspects such as the ticket type, the reason for the name change, and any additional services or options associated with the ticket.

Rules for Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

Eligible name corrections: Airlines commonly allow name corrections for minor spelling errors, legal name modifications, marriage or divorce, and other similar situations. The policy might also specify the precise situations in which name corrections are approved. 

Documentation requirements: Passengers inquiring about a name correction may be required to offer supporting documentation, depending on the motive for the correction. 

This can consist of files including a wedding certificate, divorce proof, or valid identity with suitable spelling. 

Closing dates: Airlines may have specific time limits or closing dates for inquiring about a name correction. It’s crucial to check their coverage to determine the relevant timeframe within which a name correction request must be made.

Recommendations for Easy Airlines' Name Changes

Here are some hints and suggestions to make the process of changing your airline’s name easier:

  1. Examine the Name Change Policy: Before beginning a Hawaiian Airlines name change on a ticket, carefully review the airline’s policy to comprehend the eligibility requirements, needed paperwork, costs, and any particular rules that apply to your circumstance. This will ensure that you fully comprehend the procedure.
  2. Act Quickly: Start the name-change process right away if you need to. Some airlines may have deadlines or time limits when requesting a name change, so getting your request in as soon as possible may help you avoid any potential problems or extra costs.
  3. Double-Check Details: Be sure all the information you provide is accurate before submitting it for the name change. This entails ensuring proper spelling, compliance with official documentation, and the exact completion of all relevant fields.
  4. Keep a Record of Communications: Record every communication regarding the name change, including all emails, phone calls, and other encounters. This paperwork may be helpful for reference or dispute resolution.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I contact Hawaiian Name changes customer service?

Call at +1-855-738-3429 if your ticket was booked incorrectly. Supporting documentation will be submitted as part of Airlines' name change policy. The airlines allow changes in cases of divorce, marriage, etc.

Is it necessary that the airline ticket name matches the passport exactly?

Yes, According to the airline's name policy, both names on the ticket or passport name should match exactly. If your name does not match your legal name, then you need to submit legal documents to change the name.

Suppose my ticket can't be changed? What happens?

You may have to pay a penalty and purchase a new ticket if you cannot change your ticket.